Rail Safety Month

September is Rail Safety month in California, the perfect time to remind the public how crucial it is to be aware of your surroundings and practice safe behavior near Metrolink trains and at all railroad crossings. The average Metrolink train weighs 600 tons and can’t stop on a dime. In fact, it can take 1/3 of a mile or longer to stop a train depending on its speed. 

Safety is foundational at Metrolink, which has served Southern California commuters, students, tourists and others for a quarter century. The agency has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in positive train control, crash energy management in passenger cars and other measures that have established Metrolink as a national safety leader.  

During September Metrolink will be facilitating several educational events with the goal of reducing rail-related incidents. Activities include press events, law enforcement citing drivers violating safety laws at railroad crossings, partnerships with local businesses and schools and social media posts. 
Will you join city and county officials, Metrolink employees, Metrolink member agencies, contractors, students, and law enforcement in pledging to be safe around trains, tracks and railroad crossings? Please pledge to be safe, make smart decisions and remind at least five friends and family. By doing so we’ll all be safer.