Upcoming Events in Downtown LA

Events in Downtown LA

Metrolink is the easy and convenient way to travel from the Inland Empire, Antelope Valley, or Orange County to Downtown Los Angeles.  For just $10 round-trip, you can travel to Downtown Los Angeles and your ticket includes a free transfer on the Metro Red/Purple subways or local buses.

There are several events occurring this weekend in Downtown L.A. Here are some helpful tips to travel on Metrolink or other local transportation providers:

Take Metrolink to Downtown L.A.

Metrolink/Metro Directions

For train schedules and more information, visit metrolinktrains.com/schedules

Other Transportation Options:

Metro Gold Line                      metro.net

Foothill Transit                        foothilltransit.org

Amtrak                                   amtrak.com

SAFETY - Your safety is important to Metrolink. Be aware. Please report suspicious packages, activities, and/or persons by calling 911, or 800-371-5465 (LINK)