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Download Metrolink’s mobile ticketing app from the Google Play or App Store.

Taking the train instead of driving makes your commute quicker and easier. Now, Metrolink makes it just as quick and easy to purchase your train tickets by downloading Metrolink’s ticketing app. Stop waiting in line at the ticket vending machine and purchase your ticket electronically. 

Riders who transfer to Metro Rail or use the Corporate QuickCard should continue to use paper tickets from Metrolink's ticket vending machines. Metrolink Mobile Tickets are accepted on Amtrak Rail2Rail and shared service trains.

Metrolink will introduce improvements to make these options available through mobile ticketing in the future.

Metrolink App

Download the App

Download Metrolink’s mobile ticketing app from the Google Play or App Store. 


Buy Tickets

Never wait in line at the station for your ticket again. Purchase your ticket anywhere, at any time, in seconds. All on the one item you'll make sure you always have with you.



Ticket Wallet

After purchasing your ticket or pass, they will appear in your ticket wallet. You MUST activate your ticket or pass prior to boarding. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms and Conditions

Metrolink’s terms and conditions governing the purchase of mobile tickets and use of the app are listed, click here