Metrolink App Terms and Conditions

Effective: 10/4/2016 

These terms and conditions (these “Terms”) set forth the whole agreement between you (also referred to as the “User” herein) and Metrolink (also referred to as “we” herein) regarding the subjects addressed in these Terms. Metrolink recommends that you read these Terms carefully. Metrolink may modify these Terms from time to time by posting revised Terms to the Metrolink’s Mobile and Online Ticketing Application (the “App”). By using the App, you accept these Terms, as well as the general terms and conditions relating to the Metrolink website and its use.

Mobile Ticketing

The phrase "mobile device" used within these Terms refers to any mobile device that is able to install the App and display the mobile ticket using the device’s data transmission, reception and processing capabilities. By accepting these Terms, you agree to use only the then current version of the App in its unaltered, as published state on a compatible mobile device in a condition which allows you to receive and display tickets purchased via the App and/or online.  Online tickets purchased through must be transmitted to and displayed by a mobile device utilizing the App. 

The security of your mobile device is your responsibility. In the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can transfer any tickets that had been purchased by logging into the App from another mobile device.    

Your mobile ticket must be displayed clearly on your mobile device screen when requested by the train Conductor or ticket inspector. If the mobile ticket has been damaged, altered, or is illegible in any way, the ticket is invalid and a new one must be purchased.  If this occurs through no fault of the User, you may seek a refund for the unused ticket. 

By purchasing a mobile or online ticket you agree to cooperate fully with the train conductor or ticket inspector and to display your mobile device and the ticket details when requested. It is your responsibility to ensure that the mobile device is in adequate condition and sufficiently charged to display the ticket whenever requested by Metrolink or fare enforcement personnel for the duration of your journey.

Metrolink Mobile Application

Use of the Mobile Application

Metrolink grants you the right to download, install and use the App on your mobile device for the purposes of (i) purchasing and displaying tickets and (ii) accessing train and related information, all in accordance with these Terms.

You do not and will not own the App or any information that is provided to you or by you, but you may use these things in accordance with these Terms for the purposes reasonably intended by the parties.

The App is provided to you free of charge on an 'as is' basis. Metrolink has attempted to confirm that it will work on each compatible mobile device, however, Metrolink cannot guaranty that the App will be suitable for your needs, or that it will work as anticipated in every configuration. All implied warranties related to the App, and the ticketing service accessed through it, including any warranty of fitness for purpose, are expressly excluded.

Data charges and access

The App requires a correctly configured and functional wireless internet data connection (either cellular or wifi), both for the initial installation, and for the purchase and/or display of tickets.

You may incur data charges for the use of the App depending on your individual agreement with your wireless data service provider. You are responsible for any such costs. Note that if you are using the App on a non-domestic network, the cost of data usage may be considerably higher than that incurred when you are in your home country.

Metrolink is unable to provide any warranties as to the levels of connectivity you will receive via your mobile device. This may depend upon your tariff, your wireless data service provider or your corporate policy if you have a work-issued device. Metrolink will not accept responsibility for any connectivity issues you may experience.  For this reason you are encouraged to utilize the App in advance of your need for the ticket and in an area with adequate signal coverage.

Please contact your network provider or visit their website if you require assistance configuring a data connection for your device.

Support & Communications

The App will not work on all mobile devices. The App currently supports devices running Apple iOS 8 and higher and Android 4.4+. Download and operational success may depend on device configuration.

If you have any questions or problems with the App, please look at our FAQs.  We will attempt to update this page with issues and solutions for the most common questions we receive from users. If the FAQs do not resolve your issue, please contact us at: or call 800-371-5465.  Please do not contact anyone other than Metrolink for support of the App, as they will not be able to assist you. Metrolink may send communications to you through the App or via email. These communications may include technical and support information, and information on updates or changes. By using the App, you consent to such communications.

Please note that Metrolink may cease to operate and support the App, or a particular version of it, at any time. If this happens, you will be provided advance notice of this fact.  After effectiveness, you will be unable to access tickets purchased through the App (or the relevant version of it) and you may be unable to download or install new copies of the App. Where Metrolink thinks that it is appropriate to do so, Metrolink reserves the right to remotely deactivate the App on your mobile device.

Updates & Availability

From time to time, Metrolink may issue updates to the App, in which case you may not be able to continue to use the version of the App installed on your mobile device; you will be required to download and install the relevant update. 

Metrolink may suspend access to tickets purchased through the App. Metrolink can do this for any reason, but will usually only do so when carrying out maintenance on the App or the systems supporting it. Metrolink will always attempt to provide you with reasonable notice of any such suspension.


The App will store certain personal information on your mobile device, including your frequent trips and past trips, credit card payment information and the like.  You should ensure that your mobile device is appropriately protected so that your stored details cannot be used or accessed by third parties.

Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

Although Metrolink has a no refund policy, refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and exceptions are granted under certain circumstances, see for the complete policy.  Please note that where a refund is made, it applies to the ticket price or portion thereof only; any associated fees (if applicable) are non-refundable. If you think that Metrolink has provided you a wrong ticket or has otherwise made an error in taking or processing your ticket purchase, please contact us by calling our call center at (800) 371-5465. In the event that Metrolink has made an error in the transaction, Metrolink will issue a replacement ticket or otherwise address the error in an appropriate manner given the circumstances.

Metrolink shall not be obliged to change, cancel, replace or refund a ticket where the ticket or transaction constitutes or involves a breach of these Terms, Metrolink’s Code of Conduct or applicable law.

Liability Disclaimer

Metrolink will use reasonable care and skill to carry out the ticketing services facilitated by the App within a reasonable time and in accordance with these Terms. Metrolink does not make any other promises and no other warranty shall apply with respect to any of the information, products, and/or services provided by the App.

Please note that Metrolink is not responsible for any loss or damage which you suffer in relation to the failure to provide transportation services under tickets purchased through the App (including any delays, cancellation or disruption to train services). Any additional rights provided or responsibilities imposed by reason of the provision of transportation services provided to you in accordance with tickets purchased through the App will be governed by Metrolink policies generally; see  You should read such policies carefully.

If you are an individual using the App for your own personal purposes and not in the course of a business, Metrolink will pay for all reasonable and foreseeable direct costs which you incur in relation to the provision of tickets by us, and which are directly caused by our negligence or our breach of any of these Terms and which you could not have readily avoided or reduced. If Metrolink fails to deliver any tickets to you for any reason within our control within a reasonable time prior to your departure time, any re-imbursement made by us of the costs of a replacement ticket or an alternative journey by train shall be no more than the cost of an equivalent ticket purchased on the train or at the station.

Metrolink is not responsible for losses that result from, but are not directly caused by, our breach of these Terms, or that are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us (such as loss of profits or opportunity), even if Metrolink is made aware of the possibility of such losses. Our liability shall not, in any event, include losses related to any business of yours.  Examples might include lost data, lost profits or business interruption.

Nothing in these Terms limits our liability for death or personal injury directly caused by us.

All third party suppliers of products, services or content which Metrolink hyperlinks to from the App (which may include our selected partners such as providers of hotels, travel insurance companies and other transportation providers) are independent entities.  Metrolink is not responsible or liable for actions or failure to act or for any of the content of their web sites, including but not limited to any product liability claims.

Other Terms

Metrolink may change these Terms from time to time.  When Metrolink does so, Metrolink will publish the new version in the App and provide notice to you. Each new version of these Terms will take effect from the time it is first published in the App, and apply to your use of the App from that point forward. However, any changes will not affect the preexisting terms accepted by you when making a prior purchase through the App. If you use the App, Metrolink will ask you to confirm your acceptance to the most up-to-date version of these Terms whenever you make a purchase. If you do not agree to any changes made to these Terms, you will not be able to complete a transaction using the App.

Metrolink cannot accept any liability for any oral statement or representation regarding the App, whether made by us or a third party. If any of provision of these Terms is found to be invalid by a court of law then the remainder of these Terms shall continue to apply to the greatest extent possible, excluding the unenforceable provision(s).

The prices quoted on App are in US dollars. If you choose to pay for your ticket using a foreign credit or debit card, you will be responsible for the exchange rate and you are advised that changes to your ticket or refunds may be affected by such exchange rate.

You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and Metrolink as a result of these Terms or your use of the App.

You and Metrolink agree that the law of the United States and of the State of California applies in interpreting these Terms and to any transaction consummated by or through the App.  Any dispute between you and Metrolink regarding the App or arising out of or in connection with these Terms may only be heard by United States Federal or California State courts located in the five-county area served by Metrolink.