Fare Increase, Weekend Pass and PCA Policy

Effective July 1, 2013, the following changes will take place:

  1. Metrolink will institute a 5% system-wide average fare increase for all ticket types except for the Weekend Pass and student fares.  You can view the new fares here.  Due to the 2004 fare restructuring policy that changed Metrolink from a zone based system to a mileage based system, some select station pairs will experience an adjustment higher or lower than the 5% system-wide average.  Although student fares were exempt from the 5% system-wide average increase, some station pairs will experience an increase or decrease in fares according to the fare restructuring policy.  The 2013 adjustment is phase 8 of 10 restructuring adjustments.
  2. The Weekend Pass will become the Weekend Day Pass, priced at $10, valid for system-wide travel on EITHER Saturday OR Sunday.  Monthly Pass holders can still ride system wide starting Friday at 7pm – Sunday at 11:59pm
  3. The OCLINK Pass will be discontinued.

The Board of Directors also adopted changes to the Personal Care Attendant Free Ride Policy.  Starting in the fall of 2013 (exact date- TBD), Personal Care Attendants will be required to obtain a Metrolink PCA Identification Card.  This card will allow an individual to accompany a disabled passenger, who is PCA eligible, during their trip.  The first PCA application would cost $25 and every application thereafter will be $10.  More details on this program will emerge in the upcoming weeks.  Please check back for more details as the new program develops.      

Fare Table:

 5% Increase