Offers & Promotions

Metrolink trains can help get you to all your favorite destinations and special events year-round. You’ll eliminate the hassles of traffic and parking and arrive relaxed and ready to go.

Special Offers and Promotions
25% off Monthly Pass, 7-Day Pass, One-Way and Round-Trip tickets Please present valid ID to the fare inspector upon request.
The revamped restaurant keeps its authentic character, and offers a warm and inviting dining experience for a lovely escape from the sun and sand. Metrolink riders receive a 15% discount off the check when they show their valid Metrolink ticket.
Keep your mobility independence by taking Metrolink to your favorite Southern California destinations! Head to the beach, tour a museum and visit friends and relatives, all while saving some serious cash!
The largest exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls outside of Israel will be on display at the California Science Center. More than 600 ancient artifact will be available for viewing by the public blending science with history.
Daily bus service originating from the Patsaorus Bus Plaza at Los Angeles Union Station to the Citadel Outlets in the City of Commerce.
Get a spiny hug from a sea urchin, feel a sticky sea anemone, feed a sea star, and experience the seawater spray of a swell shark when you visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.
Your Metrolink ticket has many benefits and one benefit is a discount at various shops and restaurants near our stations. Present a valid Metrolink ticket or pass at any participating location to receive a special discount.
Zipcar is a global 24/7 car-sharing service that provides the freedom of “wheels when you want them” to over 15,000 members in Los Angeles. Zipcar’s self-service vehicles are conveniently located at L.A. Union Station.