Metrolink's 20th Anniversary

Metrolink celebrates 20 years of moving Southern Californians

Metrolink started serving customers 20 years ago with just three service lines, 11 stations and 2,300 daily boardings. Today, Metrolink has grown to seven lines, 55 stations and more than 44,000 daily boardings.

Over the last five years, Metrolink has focused on technological innovations and safety enhancements designed to maximize efficiency and the quality of public transit for Southern Californians.

Here are some of our recent memorable moments:

  • In 2009, Metrolink became the first railroad company in the nation to install inward-facing video cameras on our locomotives.
  • Since 2009, we have a total of 105 inductors on our Automatic Train Stop technology system.
  • In 2010, Metrolink purchased 137 Guardian Fleet cars all equipped with Crash Energy Management technology.
  • Our 2010 fuel conservation policy ensures operations are carried out with minimal locomotive idling and noise. Since then, we have saved over 860,000 gallons of fuel.
  • Our dedication to implementing Positive Train Control technology systemwide before the 2015 Federal mandate.

20th Anniversary Report

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Share your memories with us

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Metrolink Riders’ Favorite Memories 

From: Kevin Bleich

Dear Metrolink,

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! I, along with all your other riders, truly appreciate the service you provide each and every day. The following is my favorite Metrolink memory.

My favorite Metrolink memory occurred on December 28, 2002, when I took my first train ride as a young boy. Living less than a mile from the nearest train station, I grew up listening to the melodic train horn I would come to love. Trips to the train station were frequent and it always made my day when the engineer would return my friendly wave or even give me a short blast of the horn. Every aspect of a train intrigued my young mind – its size, the sound, and how such a massive object could stay upright on just two small slivers of steel. I had always wanted to know what it was like to ride a train. On my birthday that year, I opened the box my mom handed me, and inside, to my amazement, was an IOU for a train ride that weekend. We arrived at the station on a cold day in late December, but I was shivering out of excitement, not because of the weather. The train screeched to a stop and I carefully stepped onto it. I took my seat and watched as the station began to slip away. My journey had begun. Although the trip was relatively short, I will never forget how happy and excited I was that my dream of riding a train, that I’d had since the age of three, had finally come true!


Kevin Bleich, Claremont, CA

From: Susan Akopoff

1992, living in Diamond Bar and commuting to work in L.A.   I can still remember my first time on the train and how excited I was.  It was a little hectic at first but knowing that I was leaving the driving to Metrolink was sheer joy.  In addition, the money savings on the wear & tear & fuel for my car and the City of Diamond Bar picking up part of the cost of the monthly pass was very cool. 

Susan Akopoff

From: Sandra A. Glass

Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary!

My special memory comes from 1993 when I was selected as the one-millionth Metrolink rider.  I was met by a photographer and given Metrolink souvenirs.  Below is the excerpt of the article from the August 26, 1993 edition of the LA Times.   Although I have now retired and don't need to commute from Claremont to LA everyday, I still take Metrolink regularly and enjoy every trip.  Thanks for continuing great service.

Sandra A. Glass, Claremont

The Train Stops Here for More Riders Than Metrolink Expected


GLENDALE — As Metrolink celebrated passing the one-millionth passenger mark, officials of the commuter rail service expressed surprise that more riders than had been projected are choosing Glendale as a destination.........

When Metrolink opened last October, its officials said they had expected about 20% of the riders on the Santa Clarita and Ventura County lines to make Glendale their stop. Now, after more than 10 months of operation, about one-third of the passengers on the two lines that connect to downtown Los Angeles are disembarking in Glendale...........

Service to Orange County, which will include free transfers to Metrolink trains bound for Glendale and Burbank, begins in December.

As someone who once drove or rode the bus to commute to Los Angeles, Sandra Glass said she was thankful to have a train stop close to her home in Claremont.

"It's really an efficient, comfortable way to travel," Glass said. "If we could just talk people out of their cars and get them to try the train for say a week or a month," they would be believers, too.

Glass, 57, said that her average commute driving took 90 minutes one way. When it rained, she said, the drive could be longer.

Now she delights in traveling to work on a trip that regularly--rain or shine--takes about an hour. Trains, she said, offer a partial solution to the region's transportation difficulties.

"It really can solve some congestion and pollution problems for Southern California," she said. "But the citizens are going to have to try it."

From: Melanie Nelson

Congratulations - many cheers! My most memorable Metrolink memory was while working on the Platform 7 project recently at Union Station, we walked outside our trailer to watch Endeavor take a U-turn directly overhead...on the day the first train came in on our new tracks. :-)

From: Matt Allen

Congradulations from your number 1 fan. I ride metrolink everday. For 20 years just for fun.i love metrolink. your biggest fan is me .i have spent over 20 grand on monthley passes. Love metrolink :)

From: Yvonne Yuro

favorite - Christmas season (when SB Metrolink) travels to all the stops.

From: Janice Mendoza

Metrolink, congratulations. I love riding your train, see you in the next 20!