Discount for the 91/Perris Valley Line

City of Riverside Angels Night

Take the train to the ballgame for a special City of Riverside Angels Night, Friday, September 29. Watch as the Angels take on the Seattle Mariners and receive special game day ticket prices for City of Riverside residents. Also, join us for a special fan fest at the Riverside-Downtown Metrolink station, beginning at 4pm, for a chance to win Angels gear (shirts, hats and much more). It’s easy to jump on Metrolink and take the train straight to the ballgame. More



Special Discounts

There are two separate discounts: one for trips connecting to stations outside of Riverside County and another within Riverside County.
  1. The first discount allows for all fares to or from the 91/PV Line Extension stations connecting to outside of Riverside County to be sold as though Riverside-Downtown is the origin or destination.
  •  For example, a trip between Perris-South and Los Angeles Union Station will be the same cost as a trip between Riverside-Downtown and Los Angeles Union Station.
  1. The second promotion provides trips within Riverside County to or from the extension stations at a 25 percent discount.
With the new promotion, the trip costs will still be lower than the regularly-priced fare. 

The six-month promotional discount is funded by the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC).


Group Trips

Metrolink offers a variety of excursions on the 91/Perris Valley Line. Whether you are looking to take a student field trip or have a senior excursion, Metrolink is for you. Check out the links below for more information.

Student Excursion

Senior Excursion


How to Ride Metrolink

Taking the train is easy and can even be fun! Click here to see a step by step process on how you can take the train to wherever you want to go. Check out 50 different locations you can explore with Metrolink by clicking here



New RTA Bus Route

Climb aboard for service from the Riverside Downtown Metrolink station to Riverside City Hall, Riverside County Administration Center, U.S. District Court and Riverside Superior Court, as well as various destinations along Lemon Street, Main Street, Market Street, 14th Street and University Avenue. Best of all, it's free with your Metrolink ticket. Click here for more details. 



With the extension of the Perris Valley Line, there are four new stations at Riverside-Hunter Park/UCR, Moreno Valley/March Field, Perris - Downtown and Perris - South. Click on the links below to view detailed station and connecting transit information.