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Corporate Partner Program

Throughout Southern California, Metrolink's commuter train service is helping employers and employees to save money, reduce stress, increase productivity and improve the quality of their lives. Additionally, commuting by train offers companies tax savings to both employers and employees!

Please take a few minutes to discover the Metrolink advantage and learn what Metrolink has to offer to help you stay on track.

Find out more about the benefits of riding Metrolink, tax savings and how to join our corporate partner program by viewing our video below.

Corporate Partner Program

The Corporate Partner Program (CPP) is a convenient transportation program for employers and organizations to order tickets and passes for their employees. Employees Transportation Coordinators who administer the Corporate Partner Program issue Metrolink Corporate Quick Cards to riders who retrieve their tickets from Ticket Vending Machines. The minimum requirement is five (5) participants per month.

Employers save because they can enjoy federal and state tax benefits, satisfy air quality requirements and their employees arrive at work relaxed and on time. Employees benefit because they can receive a pretax savings on the purchase of monthly passes. They can also easily access Metrolink information, and enjoy all the rewards of commuting by train. The bottom line is a savings and a benefit for the company and the employee.

Metrolink provides its corporate customers with promotional materials such as train schedules, system maps, up-to-date service notices and promotional flyers to educate new employees who would like to try the train.

For more information on employer transportation programs, contact:

Laurene Lopez at (213) 452-0288 or email Laurene at (Program Information)

Join the Corporate Partner Program (CPP)

Simply fill out, scan and email both the Corporate Sales Agreement and the Corporate Partner Information Form to

 Corporate Sales Agreement

 Corporate Partner Information Form

Detailed information on your corporate contacts responsible for ordering and managing the passes within your company.

Reasons to Ride Metrolink

Employer Benefits

The following are just some of the benefits that Metrolink can bring to your company:

Employee Benefits

Tax Savings

For tax year 2015, the monthly limitation regarding the aggregate fringe benefit exclusion amount for transit passes and transportation in a commuter highway vehicle is $130.

Employer Important Tax Savings

The employer's cost of providing transportation benefits can be deducted as a normal business expense. You do not pay payroll taxes of up to $130 each month per employee that takes this transit deduction. The payroll tax savings alone is usually more than enough to cover any costs of administering the program.

Employee Important Tax Savings

With a pre-tax paycheck deduction for transit commuter benefits, employers can allow their employees to purchase monthly Metrolink passes and reduce their taxable income by $1,560 per year. The first $130 per month of commuting costs is completely exempt from federal income and payroll taxes. This option also benefits employers by saving them money on related payroll taxes. 

 Tax Benefit Sheet

How did we calculate a 24% savings?

The average price for a Metrolink Monthly Pass is $239. Assuming a 37% Federal, State and Local tax rate the savings would be $58 per month or a 24% savings.