Ticket Options

Group Travel

All kinds of groups have fun traveling on Metrolink while enjoying the discounted rates. Whether you're planning a school group excursion, a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop adventure, or taking a trip with a group of friends, Metrolink is the economical and carefree way to get where you're going.

School Group Travel

Booking a School Group Trip
Booking a school group trip on Metrolink is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
  1. Call (800) 371-5465 (LINK) to make your reservation with Metrolink. Reservations must be made six weeks prior to travel.
  2. Send in payment 30 days prior to travel.
  3. Board the train with your valid travel voucher.
Transferring to Metro
Looking to take your school group onto the Metro Rail or bus? Please call Metro’s student field trip reservation number at 213-922-4048. A separate reservation is required if you wish to transfer onto the Metro system.

Recreational Group Travel