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Quality Service Pledge

This is Metrolink’s Quality Service Pledge. As Southern California’s premier regional rail system, we do everything in our power to provide high-quality, dependable, on-time service. This commitment to excellence is a promise our riders have the right to expect.

There are times that Metrolink service may be disrupted. This pledge outlines Metrolink’s service and compensation policies, as well as what customers can expect should an unforeseen disruption arise.


Metrolink-to-Metrolink Connections

Amtrak to Metrolink Connections

Transit Operator to Metrolink Connections

TVM Failure

Authorization to Hold a Train

SCRRA Operations Personnel have the authority to "hold" based on SCRRA Operations Procedures.


If a passenger misses the scheduled Metrolink train due to an operational issue, Metrolink will make every attempt to secure alternative transportation for the rider to his/her destination station. If Metrolink cannot secure alternative transportation within 60 minutes of the missed Metrolink train’s scheduled departure time, passengers can be reimbursed for their costs for alternative transportation, not to exceed $50.00 per passenger. Reimbursement is based on the passengers’ submission of their original dated receipt from the transit provider (taxi, third party ride share company such as Uber or Lyft, etc.). Exclusions Apply.

Causes and length of disruptions vary. When a disruption occurs, Metrolink immediately assesses the situation and takes steps towards recovering service as close to the published timetable as possible. There are various steps required to clear a scene, including assessment by first responders, including Metrolink personnel, law enforcement, and/or fire, securing alternate transportation, coroner response (if applicable), cleanup crew response (if applicable), and/or coordination with freight dispatching (if applicable). If rescue service is needed, staff will make every attempt to secure alternate transportation arriving within an hour or less of the train’s scheduled departure time. Alternative transportation solutions such as replacement train service (Metrolink or Amtrak), bus bridge service (private motorcoach and/or public transit operators), and taxi, Uber, or Lyft are all considered.


Chronic Delays

Applies to monthly pass holders only.

When average on-time performance of a line falls below 85% for a calendar month, Metrolink will offer a line-restricted monthly pass at a discount of 25% valid in a subsequent month after the average monthly on-time performance was below 85%. If monthly passes on the affected line can normally be used on another line, full price passes retaining that benefit will also be available.

A train is defined as on-time if it arrives at its final destination within five minutes of its scheduled arrival time.

Extensive Delay - One-Time Incident

Passengers who experience a one-time, extensive delay may be eligible for compensation tickets. Exclusions apply.

Monthly Pass Holder

Upon request, a monthly pass holder is eligible to receive four one-way promo ticket vouchers with a one-year expiration date from the date of the incident. Monthly pass holders must submit proof of their valid Metrolink pass.

One-Way, Round-Trip, 7-Day, and Weekend Day Ticket Holder

Upon request, a ticket holder is eligible to receive two one-way promo ticket vouchers with a one-year expiration date from the date of the incident. Ticket holders must submit the original ticket(s) to be eligible for a replacement ticket.

Request for compensation under the Quality Service Pledge must be received within 60 days of the date of the incident.

Exclusions for Compensation

Train delays caused by:

Sole Authority

Metrolink has sole authority to grant an exception to the Compensation Policy.


Alternative Transportation

Transportation that replaces regular Metrolink train service. This may include, but it is not limited to another Metrolink train, an Amtrak train, bus bridge, van, taxi, Uber or Lyft, or other charter operator, and is at Metrolink’s discretion. Valid Metrolink tickets will be accepted on alternative transportation, including trains on other Metrolink lines.

Extensive Delay

Delay to riders exceeding one hour from the published train schedule.

On-Time Service

Train arrives at its final destination within five minutes of the published arrival time.

Scheduled Connections

Ten minutes between a Metrolink train’s published arrival time and the connecting Metrolink train’s published departure time at the same station.

Self-Service Transportation

Taxi, shuttle, TNCs/Transportation Network Companies (i.e. Uber, Lyft)

Temporary Operating Schedules

When Metrolink’s published train schedule is modified to allow planned construction work or Special Event Train service.

Requesting Compensation

NEW: To submit a request for compensation click the button below:

QSP Online Request Form

To submit a written request via post mail, please send notification of the train number you were on, date of the delay, and a copy of your ticket or pass (both sides of a monthly pass) showing valid fare for the date of service disruption to:

Metrolink, Attention: Quality Service Pledge
P.O. Box 531776
Los Angeles, CA 90053-1776

NOTE: Requests for compensation under the Quality Service Pledge must be received within sixty (60) days of the incident/delay. Metrolink has sole authority to grant an exception to the Compensation Policy and reserves the right to deny a claim for compensation that does not meet the criteria herein.