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From December 7 through December 24, 2016, a fare calculation error resulted in some riders being charged more or less compared to what they should have paid. The discrepancies range between $.25, primarily in One-Way and Round-Trip tickets, and $5.25 for the December Monthly Pass. We have identified the cause and are implementing processes to prevent it from happening in the future. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please read this letter for more information.

Metrolink offers refunds for Monthly and 7-Day passes under certain conditions.

One-Way tickets, Round-Trip tickets, and Weekend Day passes are non-refundable. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis (see "Conditions" below).

Lost or damaged fare media is non-refundable.

Note: Compensation for service disruptions are issued for qualifying delays under the Quality Service Pledge.

Conditions for Refund Request Consideration

Monthly Pass Refund Regulations:

The refund "request date" is the postmarked date on the envelope containing the post-mailed request or the “Sent” date associated with mobile ticket/pass requests submitted via email.

7-Day Pass refund regulations:

Refund Request Procedure

If you purchased a mobile ticket or pass:

  1. Submit a request through the Metrolink Refund Request Form.

    Click here: Refund Request Form

If you purchased a paper ticket or pass:

  1. Submit a request through the Metrolink Refund Request Form.
    Click here: Refund Request Form
  2. Send the applicable "Required Information" below, via U.S. mail, to Metrolink Ticket Refund Request, P.O. Box 531776 Los Angeles, CA 90053-1776 within five business days (postmarked) of completing the Metrolink Refund Request Form—we do not consider requests if the ticket/pass is sent more than five days after submitting the form.

    Required Information:
    • All original Metrolink ticket(s) along with a copy of the refund request verification email (automated email that you receive after completing the Request Form).
    • If the wrong monthly pass was purchased, submit the original incorrect monthly pass along with a copy of the correct pass for a full refund. If a copy of correct pass is not submitted the refund will be prorated, from the first of the month through the postmark date, using the round-trip ticket fare for the station pairs printed on the pass.
    • Any other documents that support the request, such as a copy of bank statement, if overcharged.
    • If ticket(s) were purchased with a credit/debit card, include the following:
      1. Transaction receipt
      2. Credit/debit card number (complete number)
      3. Credit/debit card expiration date

Note: Refunds may take 4-6 weeks for processing. For additional information regarding refunds, please call 800-371-LINK (5465).