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Metrolink is successful because of the continued, positive relationships with the communities we operate in.

Our service runs across 538 route-miles in six counties and through dozens of cities and communities in the region. Whether our tracks run through these communities or we have a station, we impact millions of people every day, both riders and non-riders alike. Everything we do demonstrates an appreciation for quality of life and has a goal of making life better for everyone in Southern California.

To build and maintain these relationships, Metrolink is committed to working with communities on their concerns and suggestions. This includes attending city council meetings, providing information about potential projects, meeting with city officials and residents or even speaking with schools and businesses. Further, we often develop projects that will help increase safety like grade separations, improve efficiency by undertaking double tracking projects, or to reduce noise using Quiet Zones.

Here you will be able to find information on upcoming community meetings, projects that will impact specific communities and other notices that you deserve to know about. Further, you can sign up below to receive regular updates to your email and you can contact us at [email protected] with any concerns or suggestions.

We appreciate your continued support, and by working together, we will make Southern California a leader in transportation. 


Late Night Friday Night Train on San Bernardino Line

As part of our April schedule change Metrolink is planning an addition to our Friday evening schedule. Starting April 12, 2019 there will be an addition of one roundtrip on Friday nights on the San Bernardino line. The train will leave Union Station at 11:30 p.m.

This change will allow for Metrolink riders to enjoy a concert, play or dinner in downtown Los Angeles and not have to worry about traffic, parking or leaving early to catch the last evening train.

Please feel free to contact Laurene Lopez at (213) 452-0433 if you have questions or concerns. You can also contact Metrolink‚Äôs Community Relations at [email protected].